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You've seen software dev companies before. You go to them with your system requirements. They quote you for a system. If you're lucky you get what you think you asked for and you pay what you expected to pay. Mostly it doesn't pan out that way. We’re not that kind of company. In fact we’re the refreshing opposite. Our customers love the work we do because it rockets their business to the next

Meet the team

We've been in the business of delivering top notch, high performance systems that make our client's operational teams more efficient for over 20 years. We deliver far more than just software. We add value to your business. We're so confident that we can do that for you that our fees are based on the value we add to your business. Don't believe us? Try our Moonshot engagement model.

We're not in this game to be just another body shop. We rarely sell hours. We partner with you to deliver software that rockets your business to the next level. We'll help you change the trajectory of your future.  Don’t believe us? See what our customers say about how Trajectory rockets business ideas to the next level. 

Our Recent Completed Projects

Overhaul of the Imagin8 website to create a more engaging and informative online presence.
A unique online virtual exhibition for the iconic Liliesleaf historic site in Rivonia.
We were asked to provide an engaging website for this author to showcase and sell novels. Check it out, maybe buy a book too.
Our client wanted a site for their members to book for their annual 6-day writer's conference. Take a look at what we did.
Our client required a revamp of their customer facing web postal, to be more engaging and easier to understand.
Our client needed a platform to showcase activities for home schooled children to attend, allowing additional growth and interaction with other children.
Our client required a simple online system to import and process customer traffic fines.